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Welcome to Trubo Training, your premier online destination for personalised fitness training, group sessions, and sport-specific coaching. At Trubo Training, we believe in the power of fitness to transform lives—not just physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our mission is to provide accessible, effective, and personalised training programs that help individuals achieve their fitness goals, regardless of their starting point.

Our approach combines the latest in fitness science with proven training methodologies to deliver results that matter. Trubo Fitness guides you every step in improving your general fitness, enhancing your athletic performance, or finding a supportive fitness community.

Meet the team

At Trubo Training, our strength lies in our team—a diverse group of experienced professionals passionate about health, fitness, and helping others achieve their best selves. Let's introduce you to one of our valued team members:

Rouban Kruger

Rouban is a vital part of the Trubo Fitness team, offering a wealth of experience in the athletic and fitness industry. His journey encompasses significant roles in team support and event coordination, alongside a personal commitment to track and field athletics, where he pursues excellence with a professional mindset. Rouban’s coaching experience, particularly in developing young talent in sprints and high jump, highlights his ability to inspire and guide individuals towards achieving their fitness and athletic goals. His diverse background and passion for promoting an active lifestyle enrich the Trubo Fitness community, making him an invaluable resource for those looking to elevate their physical performance.


Rouban believes in the transformative power of athletics and fitness, not just for physical health but for building discipline, resilience, and a sense of community. His approach to training emphasises personalised programs that cater to the individual needs of his clients, ensuring they receive the support, motivation, and expertise needed to surpass their goals.